Update Regarding Our Affiliation With Doylestown Hospital 

We are aware of the misinformation circulating regarding Dr. Dinesen and his connection to Doylestown Hospital. Dr. Dinesen has been a pillar of the Doylestown community for over three decades, known for providing excellent, high-quality care to his patients. This is evidenced by the thousands of women who have trusted Dinesen & Associates with their care. We are deeply surprised and concerned by the comments made by Doylestown Hospital and have contacted them to express our concern. We cannot comment on the specifics of this situation because it is still under review and there is currently only an interim measure in place regarding Dr. Dinesen’s hospital privileges during this period of review. We respect the integrity of the process and would hope that the hospital would do the same. Our number one priority is the continual high-quality care and support of our patients.  

Please refer to our FAQ below. If you have further questions, please contact our care center directly. 


 1. When will Dr. Dinesen stop delivering at Doylestown Hospital?  

Dr. Dinesen is in the process of communicating with each of his patients about an alternative delivery plan by one of his associates at Doylestown Hospital pending delivery time frames. He or a member of our clinical team will plan to discuss this with you at our next pregnancy care visit.    

2. I want to deliver at Doylestown Hospital. Can another Dinesen & Associates provider deliver me?  

Yes, all other Dinesen & Associates providers including Kerry-Ann Perkins, DO, Shil Cwalinski, DO, Sarah E. Goodheart, DO, Kelli J. Paris, DO, and Joanne C. Ruth, CNM continue to be affiliated with Doylestown Hospital and will continue to do deliveries there at this time.   

3. I’m a patient of one of the other providers at this practice. How does this impact me?

All of our providers, including Dr. Dinesen will continue to see their patients for existing appointments at their current location. We are also continuing to schedule both new and existing patients.   

4. Is the practice moving?  

No, Dinesen and Associates will continue to see patients at their current location.    

5. Will Dr. Dinesen still be seeing his patients for annual exams, general gyn needs and routine OB appointments? 

Yes, Dr. Dinesen will continue to see his patients for existing appointments at his current location. He is also continuing to schedule both new and existing patients.  It is only his surgeries and deliveries at Doylestown Hospital that will be impacted by this change.