Lexington Women's Health Frequently Asked Questions

Did my providers’ practice name change?

Lexington Women’s Health has joined Axia Women’s Health and now you will see this reflected more prominently in our branding and patient communications. Axia Women’s Health is one of the nation’s largest independent women’s health care groups, and our providers share a common vision of improving health care for women. While you may notice an updated look, we are still the same team, devoted to providing quality, compassionate care for the women we serve.

Did the website change?

Yes, our new digital home is axiawh.com and all our Lexington Women’s Health locations and provider information is found when you select your zip code and care center. Please visit our new website to see the many resources that are provided.

How do I access my Patient Portal?

You can go to your patient portal by clicking patient portal at the top navigation bar on the new website and selecting your state (Kentucky) and care center (Lexington Women’s Health).  We are moving to a new patient portal as part of Axia Women’s Health to better serve you. If you have a future appointment and we have your email on file, you should have already received an invitation to register for the portal.  If you haven’t received an invitation to join the new portal, or do not have a future appointment scheduled, please contact us at (859) 264-8811 to receive an emailed invitation link.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, just go to the Pay Bill at top navigation bar on Axiawh.com website and select your state (Kentucky) and care center (Lexington Women’s Health) to see your options to pay.  We have recently changed billing systems so you will receive a separate invoice for any services provided through Dec. 30th, 2021 and another for services provided on or after Dec. 31st, 2021.  There are unique links to pay for each. If you have a billing question regarding an invoice for services through Dec. 30th, please contact us at  (859) 963-1710.  If it is for an invoice on or after Dec. 31, please contact our billing team at  (800) 355-0913

Will this affect accepted insurance?

This will not affect accepted insurance plans. If you can’t find your provider on your insurance list, please call our office for assistance at (859) 264-8811.

Where will my lab bills come from now that clinical labs draws will be done in my care center?

We are pleased to offer in-suite lab draws at all three locations, so you don’t have to go elsewhere, in most cases. With this new offering most lab charges will be combined with other services and included in one bill from Axia Women’s Health. In the event we need to send any lab work out to be processed, then you may receive a bill from other lab companies such as Labcorp or Baptist Health.  If you have questions about a lab bill, please call the number shown on the statement(s) received.

How do I schedule a lab draw and where will I get results?

If you need additional lab work outside of a scheduled appointment, please give us a call so we can add you to the schedule to minimize wait times at our care center.  Lab results will be made available in your patient portal as soon as they are processed and reviewed by your provider. If you have not yet accessed your patient portal, please follow the steps in  “How do I access my Patient Portal?” above.

How can I access my medical records?

Your medical records will be maintained by Axia Women’s Health – Lexington Women’s Health. We have partnered with MediCopy to fulfill your Release of Information requests. Please fill out the Authorization for the Release of Medical Records form using one of the options below:

Authorization for the Release of Medical Records – Complete Online

Authorization for the Release of Medical Records – Print & Download  |  en Español

Patients can request copies of their medical records at no cost, but delivery fees apply for postage.  Please provide an email address on the authorization to expedite the process and delivery method. Records sent via email or to another provider are complimentary. Requests are completed within two (2) business days after receipt by MediCopy. If you have questions, please contact MediCopy: Online Chat: MediCopy.net | Phone: 866-587-6274

Does this mean my provider will change?

Your physician, and other care providers, will remain the same.

Can I opt out of receiving future patient emails?

You have the right as a patient to opt out of receiving future emails, however we will be using this as a primary way of communicating important information to you about our practice.  Please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.