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We are pleased to share the news that our practice is growing! The Main Line OB/GYN team will be joining forces with a neighboring Axia Women’s Health practice of providers whom we have known well and collaborated with over the years: Great Valley OB/GYN. Our groups will officially become one practice through a merger that will close on October 1, at which time we will refer to all offices as Main Line OB/GYN. All deliveries will continue to take place at Paoli Hospital.


We are excited to welcome Carol Coldren, MD; Sara Wheeler, MD; Wendy Ronco, NP; and Enjoli Rogers, NP, to our team, and are pleased to offer an additional office location in Exton for your convenience. Patients will be able to schedule appointments at any of our four Main Line OB/GYN offices in Paoli, Stratford, Collegeville, and Exton (beginning October 1).


Our contact information, appointment scheduling, and overall care processes will remain the same through this merger. If you have any questions regarding this news, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to provide quality women’s health services to you for many years to come!



Your Main Line OB/GYN team

Linda Barakat, MD
Anne Bussard, MD
Radhika Kakarla, MD
Suzanne Pugh, MD
Mojdeh Saberin, MD
Rohini Sarin O’Neil, MD
Melanie Schatz, MD
Shari Senzon, MD
Eileen Carpenter, NP
Ingrid McFadden, NP
Erica Springer, NP


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