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Your Breastfeeding Journey Series: How to Breast Pump

How to Pump

If you’ve made the decision to breastfeed, congratulations! This is an important step for both your baby’s health and yours. However, breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone. And, continuing to breast feed is often made difficult by busy work schedules. Therefore, breast pumping may be something you are planning to incorporate into your feeding plan.

While all of the breast pumping options and equipment may seem overwhelming, the process of breast pumping is made to be simple, and we’re here to help you learn as much as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you feel more confident on your breast pumping journey.

When Should I Pump?

Pumping can help to build your milk supply, so if your baby is ill or pre-term, you should start pumping as soon as you can — preferably in the first 6 hours post birth for the best success in building your supply quickly. If your baby is healthy and full-term, it is safe to wait a few weeks to start pumping.

Why Would I Pump?

How Much Do I Need to Pump?

If you are exclusively pumping:

How to Pump

  1. Find – Find a comfortable place to sit
  2. Wash–  Wash your hands with soap and water
  3. Assemble – Assemble your pump kit
  4. Prep– Line the flanges over your breast with your nipple center in the flange opening, while it is still off
  5. Turn On– Start out with high speed and low suction, until you see milk flow. Then adjust to a low speed, high suction setting. Pump until you see milk flow decrease.
  6. Clean – Follow CDC guidelines

Successful Pumping Tips:

Pumping Troubleshooting

How to Properly Store Milk:

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

How to Select Flange Size:

Understanding flange size makes it easier to select which one will best fit you. Some important tips to follow to help guide you on the fit of the flange on your breast include:

flange size illustration - Axia Women's Health

Resources & Tutorials:


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