Changing Your Quality of Life: Tara’s Story of Overcoming Urinary Incontinence

As women, we often are so focused on caring for others, that we put caring for our own health at the bottom of our to-do list. It is easy dismiss certain health symptoms as just a normal part of aging, or something that will go away on its own. This was the case for Tara when she began experiencing bladder leakage. Tara lives an active lifestyle and like many working mothers is constantly busy! Having persistent bladder leakage was greatly impacting her daily life, but like many, she assumed this was a normal part of aging, and that she could manage it on her own.

At the height of her challenges with bladder leakage, she remembers constantly wearing pads, packing a spare pair of underwear anytime she left the house, and always being self-conscious that an accident would happen when she was out in public. After years of dealing with the frustrating symptoms, Tara eventually had enough and realized it was time to seek help.

But even after deciding it was time to make a change, she recalls her reluctance to go in for the appointment. She cancelled appointments at first, as she was fearful to face the diagnosis and potentially undergo an invasive treatment.

Tara understands why women often wait, sharing that, “You have to prepare yourself and know when it’s time to see a doctor. It is embarrassing and hard to talk about. I have a lot of empathy for women going through it because it really does affect your quality of life, and every woman deserves to be dry.”

Finally, she decided that she was ready to take back control of her life and not live in fear of an accident. She contacted several urogynecologists and canceled a handful of consultations before finding Dr. Lucente at the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine. She shares, “My only regret is not making an appointment sooner!”

She learned that to gain control over her urinary incontinence, there was an effective procedure called mid-urethral sling, placement available in-office that required minimal recovery of only a few days. There were no scary incisions, hospital stays, or major recovery. In 30 minutes, the procedure was completed, and Tara was cured of the urinary incontinence issues that had been plaguing her life for years. “I was so stressed leading up to the procedure because the entire situation just feels embarrassing, but Dr. Lucente makes you feel at ease, and you can tell he genuinely cares. He has such a professional bedside manner, and a way of making you feel comfortable. He makes you feel like a person not a patient.” Tara shares.

Post procedure, Tara is back to living her active lifestyle. She can do jumping jacks, squats, lunges, laugh, and cough without worries of leakage. When asked about her advice for other women experiencing incontinence she shares, “Save yourself the time and see Dr. Lucente! Why wait? Just get it done. The procedure took was so quick and, in a few days, I saw improvement. Now, I have no leakage. It’s wonderful and has been honestly life-changing.

Taking the first step in seeking help is always the most difficult part, but it is important to remember that you’re not alone! With the support of an Axia Women’s Health urogynecologist, you can take back control of your bladder health and get relief from the worries of bladder leakage.

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