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As women, getting enough vitamin D is crucical to supporting our bone health. 🦴💪🏻Vitamin D also been linked to other aspects of health including autoimmune disease risk, heart health and cognitive function. 💗🧠While we can’t always rely on the sun, there are other ways to increase vitamin D intake in the winter months. Follow @axiawomenshealth more helpful women’s health tips! 👍🏻

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Despite increased awareness around heart disease, research shows only half of women recognize heart disease as the number one killer of women. Fortunately, it`s also highly preventable. ❤️When it comes to heart health, there are four numbers every woman should know. Knowing these numbers can help you determine your risk and to work with your provider to take action! 💪🏻

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Mark your calendar! In honor of National Diabetes Month, Stephanie Klein, a Registered Dietitian, with our friends at @simplex_health will be joining us for an IG Live on Tuesday, Nov 16 at 12 pm ET to discuss gestational diabetes.

We`ll be covering everything from risk factors, tips on how to manage gestational diabetes, and other helpful nutrition advice. Tune in live for our Q&A or shoot us a DM/comment below with a question you`d like to see addressed during the live.

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Gestational diabetes (a form of high blood sugar during pregnancy) affects up to 14% of pregnant women in the US each year. Left untreated, it can pose serious complications for both mother and baby. Read on for Jamie’s story of managing gestational diabetes through the help of her Axia Women’s Health care team and our partner @simplex_health

Photo credit: Jamie S. and her son A.J. born September 4, 2021

“I was caught off guard when I first learned I had gestational diabetes. I felt healthy and was focused on eating well. I didn’t sense that anything was off. Fortunately, my OB/GYN Dr. Cynthia Alessio (Axia`s Women`s Health Associates of Bucks County) caught it early through a screening test at 24 weeks.

Dr. Alessio enrolled me in a nutrition program with Simplex Health where I learned what to eat and how to monitor my sugars. The best part of the program was the ease with which I could contact my nutrition consultant. She was so easy to work with, and made it clear that if I ever needed her, she was only a text or call away. When juggling many different doctor`s appointments, this convenience and flexibility was so helpful.

For other women facing a gestational diabetes diagnosis, I think the best thing you can do is find and stick to a diet regimen early. Pregnancy is temporary, but gestational diabetes could have lifelong effects if you don’t treat it early.”

Visit link in bio and click "Gestational Diabetes Resources" for more info on our personalized nutrition program.

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Being pregnant during the summer months can be rough! 😩Your body temperature is already elevated, and the summer heat can make things even more uncomfortable.
We asked one of our OB/GYNs and mama-to-be Dr. Jessica Arendal to share her summer pregnancy tips with us. 🌞

For Dr. Arendal`s full list of tips, visit link in bio and click "Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide."

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