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Breast Imaging

Inside a thoughtful, compassionate care environment, our team uses the most advanced technology, including 3D mammography and breast ultrasound for enhanced imaging to detect breast cancer.  The increased level of detail from our imaging leads to decreased anxiety for our patients, with fewer call-backs for additional images. Results are shared with your Axia OB/GYN provider within 24 hours.

A Note About COVID Vaccinations
The Society of Breast Imaging recommends scheduling your screening mammogram prior to COVID-19 vaccination or booster shot or 4-6 weeks following either. Doing so will help to avoid incorrect results due to potential swelling in your lymph nodes. However, if you have a concern, please speak with your physician for guidance.

Breast Surgery

Our top-rated breast surgery team, located in Cincinnati, is available to provide life-saving medicine to the women of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Our all-female team of physicians knows that experiencing a change in your breast health can be a time of uncertainty – but you are not alone. Offering the latest technology and advanced surgical techniques across five locations, our experts have proudly served women with comprehensive care, compassion, and support for decades.

Learn more about Cincinnati Breast Surgeons, where we treat patients like family, and visit our online breast self-awareness guide to learn how to spot unusual changes in your breasts.

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