5 Ways To Find Your Joy This Summer

It has been a stressful few years, and this summer may not feel as light and carefree as years past. That doesn’t mean you can’t still carve out moments of joy. In fact, research shows finding moments of joy is necessary for allowing our brain and body to rest and may make us more resilient in the long run. With that in mind, we’re sharing five tips to help you relax, reset, and find your joy this summer.

1. Make a summer bucket list.

Summer seems to pass more quickly than any other season, and we may feel like we haven’t fully embraced the season come fall. But, it’s not too late to set aside time for things you want to do or places you want to see this summer. Making a summer bucket list is a great way to hold yourself accountable and ensure you make the most of the season. This list could include big things like travel plans or small things like trying a new ice cream spot.

2. Watch a sunrise or sunset.

Now that the days are longer, it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the gift of nature. Grab your beverage of choice, get rid of distractions, and soak in the beauty of Mother Nature.

3. Experiment with something new.

In today’s task-oriented world, it’s easy to get caught up in our ever-growing to-do lists and forget the importance of play and experimentation. Human beings are naturally creative, and we all need to express ourselves. Trying a craft (like painting, quilting, cross-stitching…you name it!) or experimenting with a new recipe is a great way to flex those creative muscles. Don’t worry about the end result…just let your mind relax and see where your creativity takes you!

4. Engage your senses.

Engaging our senses and slowing down is a simple, yet effective way to relieve stress and find joy in the smaller moments. The next time you’re having a special meal, try slowing down to enjoy the smells, sights, and tastes you’re experiencing. Step outside for a walk and notice how the breeze feels and how the flowers smell.

5. Lead with kindness.

Psychology shows that doing good deeds for others can make us feel happier, too. Things as simple as smiling at a stranger on the sidewalk, checking in to see how a friend/loved one is doing, or surprising a friend or loved one with a gift, are all small acts of kindness that can not only bring joy to those around you, but increase your happiness levels.

Joy looks different for each of us. Whatever makes you happy, embrace it! Prioritizing what matters most to you is important for your health.

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