Research-Backed Options For LGBTQIA+ Family Building

The path to parenthood looks different for everyone. There are now more ways than ever before for same-sex couples to build their dream families.  Axia Women’s Health is proud to work with leading facilities including South Jersey Fertility Center, Fertility Institute of NJ & NY, and Midwest Fertility Specialists that offer inclusive and compassionate care for all individuals looking to build their families.

Below, we explore the most common fertility treatments so you can navigate your journey to parenthood with confidence.

For Female Couples

Female same-sex couples have multiple options to consider for fertility treatment. To choose the best option, it’s important to work with your care team and consider important questions about your preferences and health, such as:

Depending on your preferences and your unique medical history, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) could be a suitable option.

Our fertility partners work with nationally accredited sperm banks such as Seattle Sperm Bank & Cryobank, California Cryobank, Fairfax Cryobank, and more.

For Male Couples

Same-sex male couples have the option to work with a gestational carrier, a woman who carries a pregnancy to term for another couple. The embryo is created using IVF with donor eggs and sperm from one of the partners. This is different from surrogacy, where one woman is both the carrier and egg donor. Many states have legal stipulations around surrogacy, which is why we suggest utilizing a separate egg donor and gestational carrier.

Again, there are important questions to consider such as:

Fertility clinics have experience connecting with credible gestational carrier/surrogacy agencies and fertility-related legal firms to help guide you through the process. Our fertility groups within the Axia Women’s Health network all have their own donor egg programs and skilled coordinators that can help you choose the best fit for you.

How you choose to build a family is a personal decision, and one that is completely unique to you. With the help of our trusted fertility partners at South Jersey Fertility Center, Fertility Institute of NJ & NY, and Midwest Fertility Specialists, you can find the right option or you!

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