Axia Women’s Health Partners with Wildflower Health, Healthcare Transformation Consortium (HTC), On Statewide Value-Based Maternity Care Model in New Jersey

February 6th, 2023Axia Women’s Health announced today it will be partnering with Wildflower Health, a leading women’s health solutions company, and Healthcare Transformation Consortium (HTC), a collaborative of independent health systems in New Jersey, on a groundbreaking partnership to launch a statewide value-based maternity care initiative that will transform the delivery and financing of maternity care.

Initially, the value-based model will be delivered via a phased rollout to team members and dependents within HTC member health systems, with the goal to ultimately expand to other payers and self-insured employers. This employer-focused solution will provide eligible patients with a comprehensive set of digital tools and access to health advocates. Health advocates will serve as extenders to patients and they will partner with Axia care centers to coordinate care and drive improved outcomes. Through the partnership, eligible patients will also gain access to educational tools and resources throughout their pregnancy and postnatal period. In this way, the program is designed to keep patients engaged, supported, and monitored as an extension of the care provided by Axia Women’s Health providers.

Along with improving clinical outcomes, this partnership will leverage care transformation capabilities from Wildflower that fully operationalize value-based care, a model of payment where healthcare professionals are compensated based upon patient outcomes instead of the number of services rendered. The maternity bundle is comprehensive, spanning from prenatal to postnatal care and accounts for the total cost of pregnancy for both mom and baby. It ensures providers are compensated based on the best clinical care and cost containment methodologies.

“As the demands on OB-GYNs continue to mount, it’s critical that we work together to find innovative ways to offer more support,” said Gaurov Dayal, MD, Chief Executive Officer at Axia Women’s Health. “The model being introduced in New Jersey fully equips clinicians to work more efficiently while providing personalized support for every patient, even between office visits. It makes it possible for providers to do their best work and be rewarded for high-quality outcomes.”

About Wildflower
Wildflower is a technology and services company that is transforming care delivery and payment models in women’s health to radically improve outcomes. We offer a modular suite of software, support and services, meeting providers and payers where they are in their journey to value. We are also the architect of the industry’s most comprehensive bundle for value-based maternity care, with pre-built functionality for all actuarial, clinical and operational needs. Wildflower can help you successfully address the key drivers of women’s health outcomes while building a better future for you and the families you serve. We are ushering in a new era for women’s health. This is a smarter way to care.

About HTC
The Healthcare Transformation Consortium (HTC) is collaborative of leading, independent health systems based in New Jersey, each with self-funded employee health plans, that share their expertise to address issues many businesses now face: how to improve access to high-quality health care for covered employees and dependents while reducing costs. Members of the consortium include Atlantic Health System, CentraState Healthcare System, Holy Name Medical Center, Hunterdon Health, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System, Valley Health System and Virtua Health. HTC is committed to teamwork and is creating an innovative new model for health care delivery for New Jersey and beyond.

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