Axia Women’s Health Expands Partnership with Simplex Health to Support Patients with Gestational Diabetes

Partnership Provides Medical Nutrition Therapies For Thousands of Pregnancies Across Five States

May 13, 2021 —  Axia Women’s Health announced today an expanded partnership with Simplex Health, the leading provider of evidence-based medical nutrition therapies, to support gestational diabetes patients across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Simplex Health will work as a trusted partner to 400 providers within Axia – helping patients manage and improve their condition through Simplex’s proprietary Low-Insulin Nutrition Interventions. The announcement comes on the heels of a successful two-year relationship with practices throughout Montgomery County, PA.

Gestational diabetes affects up to 14% of pregnant women in the United States each year. Left untreated, it can pose serious complications for both mother and baby – from high birthweight to breathing issues, and greater risk of obesity and diabetes later in life. According to the CDC, managing gestational diabetes is more important than ever, with pregnant women at an increased risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19. As Axia’s trusted partner, Simplex will support gestational diabetes patients by offering nutrition counseling to lower glucose and insulin levels, manage carbohydrate and sugar intake, and more. Simplex will also work alongside Adapt Health – a leading home medical equipment company – to help patients safely and conveniently manage their condition from home.

In addition to nutritional interventions, Simplex’s medically supervised dietitians and health coaches will offer support such as glucometer training, nutrition education, and health coaching. Simplex will also provide support to patients experiencing issues related to fertility and preconception, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, PCOS, postpartum nutrition, hormone rebalancing, digestion, diabetes, and more. Simplex’s services are covered by most major insurance providers.

David Rambo, CEO and Founder of Simplex Health comments, “The enormity of this partnership cannot be overstated. Introducing Axia’s entire patient population to our powerful, clinically based nutrition interventions furthers our mission to provide patients of all populations access to our progressive therapies –bringing us that much closer to healing our population from the inside out.”

Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, M.D., chief medical officer of Axia Women’s Health comments, “As Axia leads the way in advancing the quality of women’s healthcare, it’s important that we choose partners that share our same vision of delivering more caring, connected, and progressive health services to women. Simplex Health’s commitment to helping patients achieve positive, sustainable health outcomes through a nutrition-centered approach makes this partnership a natural fit that benefits our obstetrical patients coping with gestational diabetes.”


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